TUISS 2023, BOLT Outreach Initiatives with The Support of Tohoku University, Belfast – Tohoku University International Interdisciplinary Seminar (TUIIS) 2023 will be held in a hybrid format, combining online and offline sessions, to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of participants from around the world. The theme of the seminar is “Building Bridges for Global Collaboration and Innovation”.

TUIIS 2023 is supported by Tohoku University. BOLT Outreach initiatives the TUISS and NIJU (Network of Indonesia-Japan Universities) which aim to foster global citizenship and leadership among students and researchers. BOLT Outreach also supports various activities such as student exchange programs, joint research projects, and cultural events.

BOLT Outreach has been supporting Indonesian universities in developing their capacities and networks in the fields of education, research, and innovation. BOLT Outreach has facilitated collaborations between Tohoku University and Indonesian universities on topics such as disaster management, renewable energy, and social entrepreneurship.

TUIIS 2023 is a continuation of Tohoku University International Interdisciplinary Seminar (TUIIS), which started in 2018 and has been held annually since then. TUIIS has attracted participants from over 100 universities and regions, who have engaged in interdisciplinary discussions and presentations on topics such as disaster resilience, sustainable development, and social innovation. TUIIS will be extended to 2024, with the next seminar scheduled for November 2024.

Peter John Wanner, the cochair of BOLT Outreach, said that the university has signed an official letter to support TUIIS 2023. He expressed his hope that the seminar will provide a valuable opportunity for learning and networking among participants from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Ismail Suardi Wekke, the fellow of Network of Indonesia-Japan Universities (NIJU), said that he is grateful to Tohoku University for being a kind and reliable partner of NIJU. He said that NIJU members are looking forward to joining TUIIS 2023 and collaborating with Tohoku University on various academic and social issues.

He also said that this is an opportunity to have the next step of collaboration with Tohoku University and other partners. He made this statement in Belfast on May 19, 2023, while he was on an academic trip to make network and attend various activities across the United Kingdom, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Belfast, Reading, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh.

TUIIS 2023 is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline who are interested in global issues and intercultural communication.