Announcement Summer Camp on English and Research, 18-20 August 2023, London – STIA Abdul Haris, a higher education institution in Makassar, Indonesia, has announced a new project for young scholars in collaboration with Balsamo Outreach for Learning and Teaching (BOLT), an international non-profit organization that provides teacher training seminars and workshops on content-based instruction using English.

The project is called Summer Camp on English and Research, and it aims to stimulate the interest and skills of high school students in science and English. The event will take place at Bili-bili, Ekowisata Darussalam, a natural resort in South Sulawesi, from 18 to 20 August 2023.

The summer camp will offer various activities and sessions for the participants, such as lectures, experiments, and presentations. The topics will cover areas such as environmental sustainability, and social issues. The participants will also have the opportunity to interact with experts and mentors from STIA Abdul Haris, BOLT Outreach, and other institutions.

The summer camp is open to high school students from Makassar who have a passion for learning and research. The applicants are required to submit an online form and a short essay explaining their motivation and expectations for joining the summer camp.

The chairman of STIA Abdul Haris, Ismail Suardi Wekke, expressed his enthusiasm for the summer camp project, London, 17 May 2023. He is in the United Kingdom for various activities for academic cooperation.

He said: “This is a great opportunity for our young scholars to learn and explore new topics in science and English in a fun and interactive way. We hope that this summer camp will spark their curiosity and creativity and inspire them to pursue their academic dreams. We are also delighted to collaborate with BOLT Outreach, who share our vision of empowering and engaging the youth of Asia in various issues and concerns that affect their region and their future.”

The summer camp is part of the ongoing efforts of STIA Abdul Haris and BOLT Outreach to empower and engage the youth of Asia in various issues and concerns that affect their region and their future. The organizers hope that the summer camp will inspire the participants to pursue their academic goals and contribute to the development of their communities.