Announcement “Extending Tanah Papua to The World”, Dosen Indonesia Semesta and Higher Educations Partner, Belfast – Dosen Indonesia Semesta (DIS), a forum of Indonesian lecturers established in 2013, has initiated a program to promote Tanah Papua, the land of Papua in Indonesia, and its dynamics to the world.

Tanah Papua is a region that supports one of the only remaining large tropical forests in the world and is home to nearly half of Indonesia’s biodiversity². It also has rich cultural and historical heritage, as reflected in its songs, dances, traditional houses, and weapons¹.

The program, which started in 2019, aims to raise awareness and appreciation of Tanah Papua’s natural and cultural diversity among students, academics, researchers, and the general public. It also seeks to foster collaboration and exchange among higher education institutions in Tanah Papua and other parts of Indonesia and the world.

This year, DIS plans to extend the program by organizing various activities, such as webinars, workshops, seminars, field trips, exhibitions, and publications. These activities will involve experts and practitioners from various fields and disciplines related to Tanah Papua, such as ecology, anthropology, sociology, economics, politics, history, art, and literature.

Ismail Suardi Wekke, the chairperson of DIS West Papua and the STIA Abdul Haris said that this program is a collaboration among higher education institutions in Indonesia.

“It is not only from Papua, but also the presence of Indonesian higher education. We want to share our knowledge and experience with each other and with the world,” he said.

Ismail extend his explanation that this program is also a way to support the development and preservation of Tanah Papua.

“We hope that through this program, we can contribute to the advancement of science, culture, and society in Tanah Papua. We also hope that we can learn from the wisdom and values of the local people,” he said.

DIS invites all interested parties to join and support this program and contribute to the development and preservation of Tanah Papua.