Announcement, English for Academic Writing – BOLT Outreach and Tohoku University Lecturer, Makassar – Balsamo Outreach for Learning and Teaching (BOLT) and Tohoku University Lecturer Prof. Dr. Peter John Wanner are pleased to announce a joint class on English for Academic Writing.

The class will be held online from May to July, 2023, and will cover topics such as writing abstracts, introductions, literature reviews, methods, results, discussions, and conclusions for academic papers.
The class is open to anyone who wants to improve their academic writing skills in English, especially students and researchers from Southeast Asia.

The class will be taught by Prof. Dr. Peter John Wanner, who is an associate professor at Tohoku University and has extensive experience in teaching and publishing in English.

The class will also feature guest speakers from BOLT Outreach, an international non-profit organization that provides teacher training seminars and workshops on content-based instruction using English.

Ismail Suardi Wekke, senior fellow of BOLT Outreach and a member of the organizing committee of the Asian Youth Forum, said: “This class is a great opportunity for young leaders in Southeast Asia to learn how to communicate their ideas and research effectively in English. We hope that this class will inspire them to pursue their academic goals and contribute to the development of their communities.”

The class will consist of 16 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. The sessions will be conducted via Zoom and will include lectures, discussions, exercises, and feedback. The participants will also have access to online materials and resources to supplement their learning. The class fee is free, which includes a certificate of completion.

This announcement comes with the Asian Youth Forum (AYF) will be holding a face-to-face meeting for its English speaking class on 7-14 August in Maros. This meeting is part of our ongoing efforts to empower and engage the youth of Asia in various issues and concerns that affect our region and our future.

The AYF is a platform for learning and sharing among young people from different Asian countries who want to improve their English skills and their knowledge of Asian affairs. The class is conducted one week by volunteer teachers and mentors from the AYF network. The face-to-face meeting will be an opportunity for the participants to meet each other in person, exchange ideas and experiences, and build friendships and solidarity.

The meeting will also feature a panel discussion with some of the AYF leaders and representatives from the universities and other relevant stakeholders. The panel will address the theme of “Youth Voices for a Better ASEAN”, and explore how the youth can contribute to the development and integration of the ASEAN Community.