Women and Scince, Introduction to Open Science


Abdulharis.ac.id, Makassar – 21 April (Kartini birthday) is the moment of Women Day in Indonesia. This day, we would like to have “Introduction to Open Science”.

Women are the first mothers for their children. For this reason, open science introduction sessions are an important part that needs to be introduced so that children will grow up with collaborative understanding in various aspects of life.

STIA Abdul Haris (Abdul Haris College on Administrative Science) proposed the existence of a series of activities in encouraging the realization of awareness of science. at the same time, it also provides awareness of open science not only as a material but also as an approach, strategy, method, and technique.

The commitment of STIA Abdul Haris to open science already started in various way of academic life. This condition to enhance the knowledge production. In addition, this is the platform of global community.