IMSSEAS 2023, Output of The Symposium, Makassar – We would like to thanks everyone make this symposium possible to conduct.

After the symposium, 16-19 March 2023, output of the symposium is:
1) Poster (DOI)
2) Video (DOI)
3) Abstract Book (ISBN)
4) Proceeding Book (ISBN)
4) Edited Volume (ISBN)
5) Article Journal (ISSN): JIRAN: Journal of Southeast Asia Studies (2686-6293); IJEMSS (International Journal of Economics Management and Social Science – 2614-3828); Abdul Haris: Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu Administrasi (2088-5725); Qalam (2085-0875).

Those files will be put on the repository on the early stages. Then, it will go to proceed to the next stage of publication.